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Custom cabinetry means custom cabinetry, and in this kitchen every feature has been customized to this particular project.
Starting with cherry full overlay cabinetry in our "Kona" stain, almost every feature has been tweaked to create a personalized design. The most noticeable change is a contrasting wood veneer, Carpathian Burl, used in the center panel of each door and drawer front. The grain characteristics of the burl offset those of the cherry wood to create a beautiful old-world woodcraft look. Continuing the spirit of the old world, these door and drawer fronts feature stained wear sanded corners and black glaze which soften the hard edges of the door and drawer fronts giving them a semi-formal look. This glaze is applied by hand and gives a unique finish to the cabinetry as it darkens the base stain color and collects in seams, making design features stand out. The door and drawer styles have been widened to special widths and an applied molding has been used as the framing bead to further increase the custom look.   
Mountaineer WoodCraft allows the homeowners' personal choices to shine every day and quite literally in this design. Featuring fully integral stacked cabinetry, the top interiors of the wall cabinets are stained and feature antique glass center panels. This design allows the customer to have a back-lighted showcase of prized dishes and plates while having a standard natural interior below. Other cabinet lines might force this look by stacking separate cabinets on top of one another, but with our Mountaineer WoodCraft line, these cabinets are fully customizable in width, height, depth, and as well as opening heights. The benefit of having multiple openings in one cabinet is the reduction of seams and unnecessary additional lines that would detract from the cabinetry's visual appeal. Further design choices made include integral furniture base valances at the toe kick level, integrated appliances in specially designed cabinetry, and even decorative electrical outlets in pilaster posts of the island. All of these individual selections have helped to create a unified, substantial design that will be cherished for years.
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  • In an age when it is difficult to find companies who do quality work, you are fortunate enough to have a staff of true craftsmen. We could not be happier with all aspects of the work.
    -Rodney and Rebecca Bean
  • From the outset of our project, the assistance provided by all of the staff from the showroom to the onsite work was outstanding.
    -Mickey & Susan Carlock